28 June 2012

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition!

I. love. the. Olympics.  Everything about it.  I watch the Summer and Winter Games with equal fervor, I even love the commercials.  In the build up to the Summer 2012 Games in London, I am absolutely glued to the US Olympic Trials.  Diving. Track & Field. Swimming.  Gymnastics.  I've seen them ALL.  (Well all up to this point, because Gymnastics is airing this weekend - I really wanna see if Liukin has got her gravitas back and makes the 2012 team).  My favorite thing about the trials is the outpouring of emotion from athletes that make the team for the first time, it's so epic!  In light of this extreme obsession with all things ring-bearing and medal worthy, I live tweet most of the trials I watch and I fairly certain I will be obsessively tweeting the Games themselves!  So join me on Twitter (@lachesissss) and get the lowdown from me as I awkwardly mistranslate commentaries from people more intelligent than I am (well at least more intelligent about world class competitive sports).


Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep - This is brand spanking new from Aveda.  Like, the last time I got my hurrs did, the salon didn't have any to sell, and what was used on my hair was a preview bottle that I couldn't purchase... believe me, I tried.  This product is very jack of all trades for short, spunky hair.  Where before I'd have to use a thickening mist, dry shampoo, spray wax and hair spray to get a volumized, texturized, gravity defying do', all I need is a liberal mist into semi-dry hair and a bit of a set from the blow drier and my hair is done - volumized, texturized, piecey in just the right way.  It's amazing.  I have fine, but abundant hair follicles and this works perfectly with them, it's not greasy and doesn't weigh my hair down.  It's a perfect blend of alchemy, hair awesomeness and that weird herbal scent all Aveda products seem to have.  YOU MUST TRY THIS IF YOU HAVE SHORT HAIR! (Also, I can't find a stock photo of this, but if you go to an Aveda certified salon they should have it.)

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25 - This is hands down my favorite MAC concealer.  I've tried Select Cover, Pro-Longwear and Studio Sculpt for my under eyes and while all of them have their merits, none of them have ever made me want to repurchase them.  Mineralize however, is my new favorite magic eraser - the light diffusers and the peach tone literally cause the giant triangle of fail that is my under eye area to disappear, without the aid of another lighter concealer or some sort of Touch Eclat esque brightener to be layered over top.  I dot it on my lower orbital bone and wing a bit down the side of my nose and a couple of swipes with my fingers to blend and I'm set.  I look less tired, less dead and more like a normal person blessed without atrocious swaths of dark circle-y doom.

This is what this looks like. I'd provide a swatch, but I'm watching the Olympic trials.


My Wardrobe  - I've hit that awkward phase where everything I own is too baggy, but I'm not quite into the next size down successfully, and since I'm not banking on staying that size for a prolonged period of time, I don't really want to shell out the money for clothes.  So, I'm stuck with dryer shrinking everything and wearing jeggings or just sucking it up and looking pregnant or like a gothic hippie.  Which is totally up my alley. 


Glossybox June -  I've paid for my box.  In fact, I paid for it on 7 June.  Have I received a shipping notification yet?  No.  If this doesn't arrive soon, it's going to be more of a July box than a June box.  Just sayin'.

Upcoming Content - I've got a Revlon cream blush review on deck and two more Mascaras to go head to head for Mascara Wars!  Also, I think I'm going to profile my hair salon that I go to, which will only help you if you live near me, but I love it and my stylist is awesome.  Other than that, I'm going to have my typical monthly posts - My beauty subscription boxes, Faves & Fails, Hand of Swatch, Lemming List and random Mblogs.

TV - Awkward. is back!!!!!!! I love this show.  I'm stoked to see MTV actually putting effort in their content, and not just coasting on Reality TV spinoffs.  And I love when they cast people in their mid-twenties to play highschoolers.  Also, Jenna's makeup in the season finale for season one was really pretty and really highlighted her nicely shaped eyebrows.  

That's it kids! Thanks for reading!

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