22 June 2012

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

Things have been a little slow lately, sorry for that, I've been distracted.  It's also been mind bendingly hot the last few days which has also been messing with my productivity.  I'm going to start amping up the content again, so hopefully you will hear from me more!  Also, my darling sister is watching the Real Housewives Top Whatever Moments, and it's literally murdering my brain cells with plastic surgery, weave and stupidity.


I've been using a lot of the same products lately, and as the temperature has increased my compunction for wearing makeup has severely waned.  However, I really love this look and have been duping it with various shades of neutrals from MAC, the Urban Decay Naked2 palette (much better than the original Naked IMHO) and the WnW Matte Palette.  It's dead easy to duplicate, but instead of a flesh toned liner on the waterline, I use MAC Powersurge, one of my all time favorite eyeliners and I skip the falsies because I wear it as a daytime look.  It's easy, sultry and deceptively deceptive.  (I'm talking nonsense there.)

Sharonmakeupartist is an Irish Makeup Artist,she has a ton of fabulous looks on her channel, and I sincerely love watching her.  My interest in YT gurus has stagnated lately, and I actually watch lots of other types of content (theVlogbrothers, SciShow, CrashCourse, CGPGrey, WIGs) on YT more than beauty, but I watch her videos the way I watch the Pixiwoo sisters.  She's very down to earth, clearly knows her stuff, and creates beautiful makeup looks with emphasis on tailoring them to her while still effectively emulating the looks that inspired them.  Needless to say.. LOVE!

- California Mango Magic Cuticle Oil + Nail Tek Extra - This magical combination of moisturizer and an Extra strengthening basecoat has given me AMAZING nails.  When I give myself a manicure, after nipping my cuticles and shaping, I liberally coat my nail beds and nails with the Cuticle oil and let it soak in, then I whisk off the excess oil with some Zoya Remove+, and apply a coat of Nail Tek Extra.  This has really enabled me to grow out my nails and make them long and strong (and bound to get the friction on! XD)


 *crickets*  It's been hot.  I'm not stupid. I only wear specific makeup in hot weather.  Makeup I know that has been tested and proven against a 105 F heat index.  So clearly, I have no fails this week.  But if you're interested in the base for my weekly makeup in crazy hot weather, check out my 5k Makeup post!


Some people have Thinspo, which is "Thinspiration", and kind of a useless way to hate yourself, if you want my opinion.  So I've decided to make it a positive, and have "Fitness Inspiration", which to me is more achievable.  I have a deep obsession with Pinterest, and I used to stay away from the Fitness Interest Board, mainly because I was afraid I would find skinny people's aspirations for fitness demoralizing.  However, having ventured on there, I have found some great inspirational quotes that motivate me in my quest to be a thinner, fitter person.  This weeks FITSPO is one of my faves :), because it gives me perspective on how fitness isn't a competition against another person, it's against yourself and about broadening your horizons on your abilities.
I'm such a cheeseball... really.


I'm over 50 Shades.  I read all three books before they broke into pop-culture infamy, and quite honestly, while Mr. Grey is insanely hot, Miss Steele makes me want to punch things.  Lots of things.  And then a small part of me wants to be her, obviously for the perk of being in the sphere of Mr. Grey.  HOWEVER.  I'm not going to bore you with that, I'm going to inject your lives with a better book.

Love this cover!

This book is the Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, and for those of you that abhor reading you can also watch the Sophia Coppola cinematic version, that remains fairly true to the plot and the tone of the book.  And, though I'm sure its probably sacreligious to mention Eugenides and James in the same essay, bear with me when I say that cleverly crafted obsession and tragic life circumstances is more hard hitting when five girls commit suicide because life is stifling them, than when one girl gets multiple sexytime spankings from one guy who is making it his personal mission to stifle her with his hunka, hunka burning love (and by that I mean his penis).  Also, that was a gross generalization, there is so much more going on in the Virgin Suicides that its more akin to doing literary parkour than taking a fanfic for a walk in a baby stroller.

And thats it! Hope you liked this weeks all F subheading Faves&Fails!


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