01 June 2012

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

For the record, its always surreal when the man giving you a powder blue pedicure talks to you about the merits of going and getting a PhD (something which I am actively considering).  It was a welcome and awesome conversation, but still slightly surreal.  Anyways.  It's Friday! HUZZAH!  Here's what I thought of the week of close encounters of the beauty kind!


- NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer - Francois Nars always puts some kind of magic crack in his makeup, that being said I'm not surprised that I love this.  My skin has drastically transitioned this past year, going from Combination-Oily to the drier side of Normal on the edges and more delicate areas of my face.  This transition extends to my lids, as well and as a result, UDPP Eden (and regular) now creases like a mofo on me, even when set with eyeshadow.  What makes the NARS a fave?  Quite simply, it works.  Goes on colorless, no creasing and minimal color fade.  Plus a little goes a long way!

- Benefit Speed Brow - This has been a lifesaver.  In the summer, I really could give a rats about having precision brows.  In fact, I just spent most of the month of May growing them out to be reshaped, so I'm really open to less than precise, filled in, powdered, traced on and otherwise modified eyebrows.  To be honest, most people probably won't find this as awesome as I find it.  It's a medium ash brown gel and on my dark brown brows the color addition is negligible, but the gel itself is great.  As odd as this sounds, you can layer it.  One pass straightens the hairs out, the second pass makes the brows sleek and tidy.  It holds up to heat and humidity well, and I don't have to worry about fading or touch ups.

- MAC Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmerblush - Its a really nice coral/ peach color.  It's sheer, easy to blend and buildable.  I primarily wear it as a pop of color on the apples of my cheeks (this is a bit bright for me) blended out towards the hairline and the shimmerblush component makes the product look more like skin and less like powder in that it gives a nice texture to the cheeks.  Also, the fact that I've worn it everyday this week is a bit of an indicator of my love.


Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nailpolish - Fast drying nailpolishes should come with labels that say 'WARNING! Will be thick, gloopy and streaky.  This will clump on your nail, smudge, and generally fail to be an appropriately functioning nail polish.  Don't be fooled by the color, the formulation could try the patience of a saint.'  But I guess that would defeat the purpose of marketing a product, because if anyone read that on a bottle of nail polish, they wouldn't buy it.  Which is sort of my point.  This product is terrible for the above sins among others.  I just don't understand WHY the consistency of this is like liquid plastic.  Science has come a long way, I'm sure there are plenty of non-toxic quick evaporating solvents that can be used to make this product less sucky.


Mail Calls

- Drugstore.com - I have a $10 of $40 coupon and Ebates.  I haven't placed my order yet (which is going to include NARS Moscow Matte Lipstick), but consider me armed and dangerous.


- Lana Del Rey's Club Clique 'Nothing is Real' Blue Jeans remix - This makes such a slow song, really upbeat and bouncy.  I like to bop around to this in my car like a fool.  I'm including her Blue Jeans (unremixed) vid because I love, love, love how she's styled.  It's beautiful, classic and classically twisted.  IDGAF if she's been cosmetically enhanced, bitch works it.

Or maybe not because Blogger hates me.  But here is a gratuitous picture that conveniently illustrates my point!


Weekend Plans!

- I may, or may not post a sort of follow me around entry.  I haven't decided, but its my annual Alumnae reunion for my college this weekend, and I'm attending with some friends of mine.   Mainly for the President's address, the Alumnae Association Annual Meeting and for the Class Meetings.  But more importantly, I'm going so I can try to find my Walkway brick that I got for Christmas.  I'm also going to be going to an awesome sushi buffet and to the Quillian for a microdermal anchor, and thought it would be interesting to photodocument.

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic

- I talked about this fragrance in my The Lemming List Vol. 1 post.  And my hunches were right, this is very much a lighter, softer, slightly more wearable but still distinctly Alien perfume.  It's still a very grandiose scent, and the sillage is quite strong I feel, but I can't deny my lust for this.  I may end up purchasing this as my birthday scent.  I thought I was going to spring for an Hermes fragrance, but I can see myself using this year round.

So that's it! Check back for more awesome!

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