03 June 2012

a England Nail Varnish Review

It took me awhile, buttttt here it is my review of a England Nail Varnishes!  To be fair, the swatches for all of the varnishes I purchased are already up for your viewing perusal.  I'm sorry if my lack of skill makes your eyes bleed, but fingerpainting was never something I was that great at.  Anywho!  What I think is below - read and enjoy!

a England Varnishes! (and my freakishly contorted hand)

Website - a-england.co.uk

Price - 7 GBP per varnish (conversion to USD depends upon the exchange rate being used by PayPal at the time of purchase)


Shipping right now is free, I can't remember if I paid for shipping when I paid for my order a month ago or not.  Order processing time was about two days from submission to shipping confirmation, and it took a week and a half for my order to reach me on the East Coast of the US coming from the UK.  Additionally,  the package was not transferred to another shipping company (like USPS or FedEx), it was delivered to me via US Mail because it was sent via Royal Mail in the UK.  My package was received in a bubble mailer with the polishes individually bubble wrapped and an invoice.

Gory Details

They're pretty, oh so pretty!  And British.. so.. Bonus Jonas?

I purchased three shades - Princess Sabra, Holy Grail and Ascalon.  There aren't any swatches on the a England website, just pictures of the bottles and brief descriptions, so I sort of just faffed around until I had three polishes in my cart that I thought I would enjoy.

I chose the colors based upon uniqueness.  I don't have anything in my stash right now that matches these shades.  My favorite is Holy Grail, because its an almost fluorescent shade of gold and I think it's the most unique of the bunch.  My least favorite is Ascalon, because it reminds me of an old Essence polish called Cloud City (don't quote me on that) that had a better duochrome shift between blue and lavender than Ascalon does.  Princess Sabra is a beast of a different color - because it's a lovely green, taupe, grey with a really nice large particle holographic but it's not as eyepopping is Holy Grail.

Up close and personal with the shades.
In general, the polishes came with a standard sized brush tip with the a England logo emblazoned on the bottles.  You can get away with one coat for Princess Sabra and Ascalon, but its not fully opaque, but a second coat doesn't increase the holographics or color intensity of these two shades either. Perhaps just a thicker first coat? Holy Grail takes two coats to reach full opacity and does increase with intensity each time.

When sandwiched with Nail Tek Ultra and Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat, I got two days of wear without any tip wear or shrinkage.  After that the tip wear was evident, but no chipping really occurred.   The polishes just wore off,  which isn't bad, at all.  I was really pleased with the wear.  The polishes also removed nicely as well using Zoya Remove+.


Princess Sabra
Holy Grail

So Do I Like It?

Short answer, yes.  a England provides unique colors at a decent price point.  I think the formulation is ok, I get longer wear out of cheaper polishes, but I also get shorter wear out of more expensive polishes.  I feel very middle of the road about it.  I'd like to purchase an opaque cream polish from them to truly get a feel for everything the brand has to offer, but I don't think you'd be disappointed if you purchased from a England, especially if they have what you're looking for.


  1. Holy Grail is gorgeous!! Never heard of this brand, but now, I should totally look them up. Thanks!

    1. Holy Grail is my favorite out of the three - it pops on my nail.

  2. I wondered how their polish was, I've been hearing more about them lately, Thanks!!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for reading :)! The polishes are unique and have cool names, the consistency is different between the types of polish, but overall it's very lovely.