12 June 2012

Birchbox - June 2012

June 2012 Box Exterior

It's June!  Time for my 6th Birchbox, and for the 2nd installment of it's review on the Think Tank.  If you'll so kindly notice, I bought my blogs domain name!  I guess it means I'm taking it seriously.  Also, if you know of anyone who is good with blogger/ able to make the layouts work, I'd be super appreciative.  The theme for this month is Jet Setting, which seems sorta meh, but I'm down.

Kinda cheesy but I appreciate the effort!


Still inconsistent, but this time it totally swings in my favor.  I received my ship notification on 9 June and received my box today 12 June.  They finally gave up using god awful Streamlight and now my tracking code in my e-mail links directly to the UPS website.  I also appreciate that I'm billed at the beginning of the month and have rarely received a box later than mid-month, which makes it a nice treat and a step up from the Glossybox so far.  With Glossy you are billed in the beginning of the month, usually within the first week, and will probably receive your box sometime closer to the end of the month.

I'm not sure what happened to the postcard... but I can't imagine that shipping bent it this way, and it doesn't seem deliberate enough to be intentional.  Just saying.

June's Products

The insides!
Stila One Step Bronze

This is full sized, and while I'm jazzed that I received a full size product (I think it was my turn for FS, I haven't recieved a FS product since I opted to take the March Teen Vogue themed box and was rewarded with a Tarte Matte Lipsurgence Pencil),  but I'm sorta iffy on it. Stila is not a fave of mine, especially as they seem to have backslid into mediocrity as a brand.  But I have pictures and swatches!  I may test this out as a primer or cheek glow tomorrow, and see how it does.

The swirling nodules of color kinda freak me out... It just looks... odd.

One pump onto my hand - you can see all of the shades that are swirled in the barrel of the product. 

But when blended out you can't really see it, the bronzing is neglible on me.  It does however have large particle shimmer and glitz in it.
Juliette Has A Gun - Not a Perfume

EEEEEE!!!!!! I FINALLY GET TO TRY THIS! I love JHAG's Citizen Queen fragrance, and I've been compulsively smelling Not a Perfume since I cracked my box open.  It has one note - Ambroxen, which is reminiscent of a warm, powdery amber basenote that is not medicinal or overbearing.  If a fragrance is warm and powdery/woodsy/musky I tend to love it more, and I love this one note scent.  It's beautiful and timeless.

My fragrance cardholder was wrapped around my Stila, and it got bent in my box.  But still! EEE!

It would be awesome if you could huff the internet.  But you can't! Trust me, this is lovely!
theBalm Stainiac

I'm not usually into stains like this - gel based and pink toned.  Mainly because I think these rose-red transparent hues look better on a cool toned, fair skinned gal.  Of which description I am not.  And after swatching it, I'm still not into these kinds of stains.  Maybe this would be good as a base for a heatproof red lip, but otherwise, I'm not crazy into it.

It's also mini-sized.

Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe

I don't really care about this.  I know how to appropriately wash my hands and I have a bitchin' immune system.  Germs don't frighten me.  Therefore this feels stupid and unnecessary.  I think a shower gel or dry shampoo sample would've been a better option and have gone with the theme of the box better.



A FAA approved fancy decorated Ziploc baggie for stowing your toilette if you can't be bothered to check your bag.  Kinda cool and keeping with the theme.


Eh.  I'm not really into this month's box.  The standout sample was definitely the Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume vial.  Everything else feels sorta hodgepodge, like it was thrown together, and just happened to be vaguely themed.  I'm also sorta miffed at how this was packaged.  Generally my Birchbox's contents are immaculately packaged.  It's one of the things that makes me go Ooo! when I open it, but this month was sloppy.  It's not really that big of a deal, considering that my box had a full sized product in it.  I'm going to give the Stila a go and see, sometimes I surprise myself with what I like and don't like when given the opportunity to test products out.  I do think the Stila one step would be a great leg bronzer, it's gel based and once dry is pretty budgeproof.

In terms of dollars and scents, whenever you receive a full sized product you're generally getting more than what you paid for with Birchbox.  And while I like that benefit, this month, I'm not sure if I'm going to use the product more than a few times. So in a hit and miss world, the value of the full sized product for me, this month, is a miss.

www.birchbox.com - It's a $10 a month automatically billed subscription for your very own beauty box!


  1. I've been debating for the past few months whether to subscribe to glossybox or birchbox. I've heard a lot of negative things about glossybox lately, so I think that's a no for me. I've seen a few people's birchboxes, and my worry is that nothing has seemed like a "must have" item for me. :( I guess I'll keep researching. I just love that feeling of getting "goodies" in the mail each month, particularly since I stopped swapping a while ago.

    The perfume sounds great though. Glad you found something you like in the box!

    1. Out of the two I have, I've liked my Birchbox more. Nothing in either is a must have, but I like it because it's fun and unknown. I think Beauty Army may be up your alley, because I believe you get to choose the samples in your monthly box? The goodies feeling is why I love these boxes. It's stopping me from impulse buying at Sephora.

      I wore the perfume today and it was AWESOME! You can dupe it with The Body Shop White Mush Sun Glow, it smells the same after the dry down. But I really love JHAG anything... so I was pumped about it!