26 May 2012

Upcoming - Illamasqua Naked Strangers (Summer 2012)

I love me some Illamasqua!  My favorite collection thus far has been their Spring 2011 Toxic Nature showing, and I always enjoy the visuals that are created for each collection.  I like that its avant garde editorial makeup, kind of like an edgier, British MAC, without the commercialized lame (which some people hate hard-core against, much to my amusement).

This model is awesome.  She can still look sexy with rubber necklaces and a Gold Leaf Skull Cap.

I always think stock photographs like this are hilarious.  I doubt it's even a photo, but someone with a deft hand at computer graphics/ photoshop.  It's way too perfect and unnatural looking.

Anyways, this is set to drop 31 May on Illamasqua's website .  I personally want a gander at the Platinum Intense Lipgloss and the Monogamous Nail Lacquer.  Too bad they aren't selling the Skull Cap, because I'd totally shell out some Benjamin's for that.

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