29 May 2012

Two Fragrances to Wear When It's Balls Friggin' Hot

Excuse the salacious title. But it's true.  These two fragrances are my go to scents when it is ungodly hot (ie 85 +) and everything that is not a Tea scented EDP is so cloying and drudge to wear.  Heat is great for light fragrances, it increases the sillage and blooms the fragrance faster.  Heat is the best time to wear single note or simply blended fragrances as you really can smell every detail and nuance and it does wonders for cheaper scents (mainly because heat increases the probability of the fragrance to be in a gaseous state, which increases your ability to smell the fragrance).  These two scents are available from the Body Shop and I feel like they are classic scents anyone can wear and feel pretty despite the heat, and are great formulas for summer because they are Eau de Toilettes, which are inherently lighter in composition.


This is a staple Body Shop fragrance and what I like about it is that it's a floral that doesn't smell like a floral.  I'm not a huge fan of overly flowery fragrances, unless they have Violets or Jasmine in them. If it tends to smell like Roses, Tuberose or Gardenia - I'm automatically turned off.  Jasmine, to me, tends to read as a musky type scent, and comes off with evoking a more sensual mood while not being overbearing or loudly floral.  That being said, the main component is orange blossom, which gives a nice clean finish and lends a warm powder effusiveness.  When I wear this, I think of the beach and warm sunshine and sea breezes.  The fragrance itself is warm, soft and refreshingly feminine.


I can't find this product on the Body Shop website... maybe it's discontinued?  I'm not sure.  But this is a single note example of a great summer fragrance.  When I smell Vanilla I think of Americana, because it is a pure sweet fragrance, almost reminiscent of apple pie.  There's no mistaking that it is Vanilla. It's a scent that is recognizable no matter how its formulated, but whats nice about this particular fragrance is that it's light in all of its distinctness.  Instead of a heavy slog through mucky pits of cloying sticky sweetness - Vanilla is more like floating through some lovely Vanilla Creme Anglaise with crystallized Vanilla Orchids floating on top.  In the heat, the scent burns off most of the sweetness rather quickly so whats left is a light touch of the fragrance and I rather like it, its almost nostalgic.

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  1. I hope the vanilla's not discontinued. I love that scent and my little bottle of fragrance oil is almost gone. It's one of the few perfumes that doesn't aggravate me when I have a migraine or when it's balls hot.