20 May 2012

The Lemming List Vol. 1

I like lists.  I get more accomplished when I compartmentalize my life into bullet points.  I don't know if that admission is sad or admirable or admirably sad.  However.  I dearly love lemming things.  Sometimes wanting things is more awesome than actually acquiring them because for a split second I've hallucinated that I get a pony with my makeup.  Which would be awesome - great beauty products AND gasoline free badass cowgirl transportation.... I feel like its a win, win!  Everytime I have delusions of cowgirl grandeur, and every time I'm let down.  So its vastly more awesome, and mentally questionable, to really, really get your jones on for an item(s) and think that you're going to get the moon in a bag than to purchase, be let down and then get hassled by salespeople when you return the item for being less than pony worthy.  Anyways.  On to this weeks list!

Illamasqua Bacterium Nail Varnish

I know this is old news.  I know it came out with Toxic Nature a year ago.  I know that it looks streaky and has increased likelihood to be a mess on my nails.  But its called BACTERIUM (organisms which, while in college I spent massive amounts of quality time with).  It's from Illamasqua, a brand which I own woefully few polishes from (if that is, in fact, a status which is worth being woeful about).  And every picture I've seen of it promises to give me slightly mannequin-esque hands (a nail trend I fully support and like).
It's a taupe-y greige green with silvery blue reflection.
MAC ProLongwear Bronzer - Sun Dipped

I really enjoy cool toned bronzers.  They tend to be more user friendly as all over face contouring products than redder toned counterparts.  That being said, I've yet to find a cool toned bronzer that isn't designed for fair skin.  Until now.  Based upon the research I've managed to rustle up about this product, its not all that deep, but it can layer.  Which means I may be able to make it deep enough for some face whittling sunkissedness with layering.  This product also claims to be long wearing, which I really don't care about, but if it works, it's a boon I'll gladly take.

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic

This one sort of surprises me, too.  Mainly because I'm so taken by the idea of the fragrance rather than the fragrance itself.  I really, really want to love Thierry Mugler fragrances, but they always come across as slightly off putting to me. I enjoy Angel, purely because NO ONE smells like Angel, but I only wear it in winter, when the cold shuts down the sillage of the fragrance so you don't gas everyone out of a room with its intensity.  Womanity - I hate. There is a distinct scent of cigarettes which ruins it for me.  Alien, on the other hand, I want to have a passionate, torrid love affair with.  If only it wasn't so HEAVY.  It's seriously denser than fruit cake, even the sunessence versions that were around a few years ago felt like cement blocks on your wrists.  I haven't smelled Alien Aqua Chic, so I'm not sure what I'm in for, but hopefully this will crank my tractor, because I want to love Alien.  I want to be that cool chick who is wearing a scent called Alien.  Who has a crazy bottle of bold, enchanting perfume so she can let everyone smell how much of a genius, badass she is.  But I digress, because this is a prime example of a lemming pony.  It's built up in my head like this great bastion of scent and it has every potential to be a miserable disaster.  Even if it does have Solar Accord and Jasmine and Vanilla and Amber.  Hopefully this new version complete with "sublimated aromatic waters" (are they using sublimated as creative exposition to refer to sublime... or are they talking about actual sublimation?  I'm dubious) will provide me with what I seek.

Unfortunately they also frou-froued up Aliens bottle.

YSL Rouge Pour Couture Vernis a Levris

I've actually tested this product out excessively and obsessively.  Every time I wander into Sephora, it spend a good 15 minutes trying this on, admiring myself in the mirror with my fun Orange de Chine or unexpected Pourpre Preview or lush Corail Aquatique lips.  I know that I will eventually procure this product.  In fact I bought Orange de Chine, but returned it when I found out I got the exact same effect by blending MAC Lady Danger, MAC Morange and some Carmex together.  It destroyed the illusion of necessity for me, and made the $32 sticker price seem carelessly overbloated.  I couldn't bring myself to keep it.  If I was going to purchase this again I would purchase Corail Aquatique because I literally have nothing like this color in my lipstick collection, and more often than not this is the shade I swatch and covet and layer.  So needless to say I want it.  Really badly.  The only other shade I would ever want would be Violet Edition, but I think that will be more of a birthday gift for myself in August so I have the perfect shade of dark Vampy purple lips for fall.  The other thing I really love about this lipstick is the glossy stain idea, its a shiny stain that doesn't look heavy or cake-y on the lips.  Instead it sorta gives the illusion that if lips naturally came in the shade you were wearing, it would be a natural texture with a bit of shine, which keeps the look sleek and modern.

This is Violet Edition - dark purple goodness.

All images were from Sephora.com, because they have super nice stock photographs.  Everything except for the MAC products is available for purchase at Sephora.com as well.  Please follow me on Twitter or Facebook!


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