30 May 2012

Glossybox - May 2012

This is the inaugural beauty subscription box offered by the US branch of Glossybox.  The beauty community was given preview boxes to generate buzz over the coveted pinkbox crossing the pond.  The box is offered on a monthly or subscription basis (if you purchase months in bulk you get a slight discount off the monthly price of the box).  I opted to purchase my box monthly, purely because I was unsure how this was going to go down.  So lets get down to the nitty gritty... shall we?  

First off - to address the full size product conundrum that was brought to light i.e. Bloggers received all full sized products in their boxes, would paying customers be treated to the same perk?  Short answer no, not entirely.  I received two full sized products in this months box, which were less than $10 USD retail each, but when combined with the other deluxe samples it evens out to being worth more than the retail price of the box - which is $21.  So, it depends on how you view value for your money if this will bother you or not.  I don't mind because the entire reason I like beauty subscription services, is that I want to try new things and I don't need giant full sized products sitting around, especially if I don't like them.


I was pretty pleased with the shipping on this box.  I did notice that it ships from the same Post Office/ region that the Birchbox does, so I guess its based in NYC?  Anyways, I was e-mailed my "Your Box has been shipped E-mail" on 25 May and the box was waiting for me when I got home from work today!  So, 5 days including a holiday weekend.  I expect shipping on this will be faster next month.  But overall, not bad.
The Box

I'm going to picspam you.  Because really I could expound but, pictures worth a thousand words!  So, here ya go! For the record, all of these photos were taken on my iPhone and edited in Google Picasa for contrast, exposure, sharpness and color temperature, as well as watermarking.

It's the infamous pink box!
Anticipation is building! 

Getting to the crux of the matter.
Goodies!  The Marvis and Zoya Polish are FS, the rest are not.

Phyto Paris Hair mask - Deluxe/ Travel Size
Amore Pacific Face Gel - ASIAN SKINCARE! (:D)
This is from Zoya's Summer Collection and is FS.
Italian Whitening Toothpaste - FS, and pretty useful.

I'm glad this was the selection of products that was sent to me.  I wasn't super jazzed with the selection of products that was sent to the beauty blogging community as gratis, even if they were full sized, because they weren't things I was interested in.  The Burberry and Amore Pacific? Totally my scene.  I'm really thrilled with those samples.  Also, I'm kinda pumped about the Toothpaste, because I ran out and now I don't have to buy it!  It's the little things, chiclets.  I'm least excited about the Zoya Nail Polish, but that's more that I'm not a fan of Zoya polishes even though the color is really nice for summer.  As for the Phyto Hair Mask, I need to try it out before I make a decision, but I really like the product size that was chosen.


I'm glad I purchased my box.  It was on par with reviews I had watched on YT from British Beauty Vloggers who had been purchasing Glossyboxes for a while now.  I think that this is a keeper for me, at least for another couple rounds.  I can't make claims as for the product consistency or shipping consistency as this is the first box, and I'm sure Glossybox is trying their best to make a really positive impression.  In terms of value for money, I also think that $21 for what I was in my box is not a bad price point.  I think if it was knocked down to $20 it would be exciting.  But that's just me, there's something about paying that extra dollar that takes some of the sheen off the experience, but it's not going to stop me from buying the box.  Or getting excited over my shipping confirmation e-mail.  Or racing inside to rip open the box.  Or squealing like a little girl over the fun goodies I'm going to get to play with.  Which is the whole point of the subscription box.  In that aspect, I think that Glossybox definitely lives up. 


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