25 May 2012

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

So... If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I got sucked into Klout.  Why?  I'm not sure - but it sorta was a kick in the pants to make me realize that the ability of this blog to reach people is dependent entirely upon me.  That being said - Something kinda cool happened that I was unaware of as a result of my May Birchbox post, but my review was linked to the website for The Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Blog as a product feedback type thing.  Also, it was not my intention to completely wipeout my previous layout - I just wanted to update it, and Blogger decided to reset it back to white/ black Times New Roman font and will not let me change it despite my desperate attempts to make it not look like this.  However, it's growing on me, so I think it may stay until I can make a layout/ design/ cohesive visual statement.  Just think of me as a hipster of blogging - I'm going back to basics in an ironic way (except for this is entirely unintentional on my part). 


- Kat Von D Triple Threat Tattoo Liner Pen Set - By far the best thing her makeup line has to offer.  Three superblack, smudgepoof, free-flowing, felt tip pen style eyeliners in fairly airtight packaging.  My favorite is the "Saint" pen (for the record you also get "Sinner" and "Poetica" tipped pens as well), and I use it every day when I want a quick, low slung cat eye that is appropriate for work.  Of all of the products I've tried, these don't smear, burn, leave latex based goop in my eyelashes, or make the process of winging liner any more complicated or thought consuming than necessary.  In fact, if the "Saint" pen (which is the finest, longest nibbed of the three) was sold seperately, I would preferentially purchase it.  I've had these pens for four months and because I keep them stored upside down have had no dry-out problems, despite everyday use.

- Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser - It's clear.  It's a chemical exfoliant.  It retails for $12 for 8 oz.  It's literally lasted me months and gives me smooth, glowing skin and is a great cleanser to use with the Tanaka Facial Massage in the shower, because the prolonged exposure of the cleanser to the skin clears out pores more effectively when allowed to actually sit and treat the skin.

- NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium - While not as good as NARS Laguna in terms of color nuance, for $10 you can't beat it.  It's soft, finely milled, blends nicely and can be used for contouring and bronzing.  The compact is a nice size, and has a really good mirror in the cap.  The shade is a tad too orange/ red based for me, but if I sweep the excess on the brush after contouring onto my cheeks, I get a nice not too crazy bronzed cheek.  All I need is some highlighter and I can skip blush altogether!


I've got nothing.  I purged my stash a while ago and since then have found it really hard to hate on anything.


From now on, if a post is labeled with Mblog (as a label, not title), it means I blogged from my iPhone.  I'm going to try to include several posts like this a week, and they're designed to be quick.  Usually with a main photograph to illustrate what I'm talking about.  I feel like it would be fun to see what gets my beauty ADD going. 

Mail Call

I received my a England order, which I've been spamming the blog with.  I need to do one more manicure to test out the last color before I can blog about it.  But trust me, its coming.

I also received my Drugstore.com/ Beauty.com order from their 20% sale.  This will be featured in another post to come.  I plan to draft a lot of posts this holiday weekend.

I'm waiting for shipping notification from Glossybox - but expect that in the near future as well.  Assuming the box actually ships in the near future.


My Apocalypse by Escape the Fate.  This song has been doing it for me lately, namely its been helping me sink into the ether required to not mind running so damn much when you're running.  If you choose to listen you'll totally see why this would be an excellent song to run to.

Lots of 'M' subcategories this post.  Runner's World.  Expect to see posts about my hilarious fail running exploits, too.  But I enjoy the hell out of this magazine.  Nothing gets me more pumped to run than reading it.  It also has lots of great workouts, tips, inspirational stories and awesome content to get you stoked about running, even if you're just starting out pounding the pavement (or treadmill/ trails/ pavement as it were).
So!  That's it!  Check back for a daily dose of awesome - and for my Friday FOTD Mblog post.   :D!

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