18 May 2012

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

So... big things have been afoot since the last F^3.  Namely, I lost 40lbs (and am still losing!) and have taken up fail running.  I call it fail running because I run and suck at it.  I've done a 10k trail run, the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run and am coming up on my 2nd 5k this weekend in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.   Generally, I track my diet and weightloss on MyFitnessPal, which has helped me immensely. If you want to be my friend, which I love because I always need motivators!, my username is lachesissss.


Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara - This has been reformulated and from what I can tell, almost everything about this product is different.  The brush is different and more consistent with a spiky, rubber brush ala CoverGirl Lashblast.  BF is blacker than I remember and I *believe* it now is a tubing mascara, which makes the product buildable and volumizing. I love using it to give myself eyelashes a la Emma Watson in the November issue of British Elle because it layers a treat without clumping while giving length, curl and super thickness.  I prefer to layer it thrice over from root to tip, let it dry for a moment or two, and then layer some more, making sure to get the tips of the lashes coated.  Once fully dry, it's absolutely budgeproof/ sweatproof.

Image courtesy of Sephora.com

Urban Decay Afterglow Cream Highlighter in Sin - This is a huge favorite when transitioning to summer makeup, I love the glow it gives to my brow bone and cheekbones.  Sin is a beautiful champagne color and on yellow-y skin tones it blends in to a yummy candlelight sheen.  I really also dig Moonbeam for a hot pink funky unexpected highlight that works well to keep minimal makeup interesting.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 in Sand - This is my favorite foundation.  It's more coverage than a traditional tinted moisturizer but still sheer enough that my skin looks like skin.  You can wear it dewy for an effortless look or dress it up with a finishing powder for a matte-er effect.  This product moisturizes my skin and soothes it without becoming too dewy with extended wear or sinking into my pores.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Wear Cream Eyeshadow - This is meh.  I've tried the orange shade (Fierce & Tangy?) and the electric purple one (I'm unsure of the name).  They're good for locking already super vibrant shades in place like MUFE #92 or MAC Off the Page, but they don't add anything to the colors either.  If you aren't using a crazy bright shadow on top of it, it tends to be a muddy, sheer, sticky, pastel color.

This is what Maybelline Color Tattoo wishes it did.  Like seriously wishes.


Future Mail Calls

-   a-England - I ordered three nailpolishes, and I'm not telling because I want to blog about them... :D.  My nails have been something of a recent point of pride, I've gotten them grown out and shaped very nicely. I also have perfected how I apply nailpolish and now no longer look like I Jackson Pollacked my hand.  I feel my nails are totally ready for some luxe British nail varnish.

I feel like this logo deserves a HUZZAH!

Favorite Song Right Now

- Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) by Silversun Pickups I'm not sure what it is about this song, but it absolutely chills me out and make me reminisce of this bathroom from Elementary School where I actually played Bloody Mary and scared myself silly, even though she's not real (I think).  But it's very awesome :).


- Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig - I follow a lot of authors on Twitter and Mr. Wendig (@ChuckWendig) of Terrible Minds, is one.  I purchased his book sight unseen because I saw a tweet of his, and I am not disappointed, if you like horror/urban fantasy you will appreciate this.  I also tend to appreciate when male authors write female protagonists, mainly because I like to see how women are perceived by men. In a bit of irrelevancy, Blackbirds, as it were has a very good cover jacket, which is a bonus in my book, because I absolutely judge books by their covers.

In a weird way, I covet her magpie hair.
Anyways... That's it for this friday!  Don't be afraid to say hi, follow, comment, etc.  I'd love to hear from ya'll.


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