04 April 2011

Lemmings! - Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette

Generally, I find quite a bit of Urban Decay products to be hokey/ gimmicky/ over-hyped.  And, generally, when I buy into the hype, I end up disappointed and left with a lackluster product (ie Diamond Dust ES, Sustainability Palette, Book of Shadows Vol I & III).  However, for whatever reason (probably because it looks so boss) I want the Rollergirl palette.  Like really want it.  Just see for yourself.

To avoid messy photo filching problems, I'm just going to do a google image search and box the photos that come up.  Anyways, the red box contains the palettes.

Now this does contain one dupe that I know of from the UD Naked palette - Darkhorse.  This kind of incestuousness in UD palettes is one of their hallmarks, but I think darkhorse is lovely enough to own a duplicate of it. 

Rumor has it (and by rumor I mean Temptalia) that this is dropping in April (hopefully around the same time Illamasqua Toxic Nature comes to Sephora.com) and will bring me out of the Spring MAC-can't-design-a-decent-non-hokey-collection doldrums.  Hopefully.


01 April 2011

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

Everyone has a weekly meme and damn it, the Think Tank wants one, too!  So here it is chicadees, please enjoy!


1) Launching the Think Tank.  It really has given me a new zest for blogging.  I don't feel burdened by it now. I like my new home, and I like the new format.  Hopefully, word will get around and more people will join in!

2)  Did you see the mouse fish at the bottom?  NO!?! Well go look!  Click to feed them!  No emaciated fish at the Think Tank.

3) Revlon Colorstay Foundation - An oldie but a goodie, lovely matte even skin all day long! Love it!  I wear shade 300- Golden Beige, and am a yellowy MAC NC25.

4) NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm with Inglot AMC Gloss in 543 over top.  A pretty peach/orange hued neutral beige lip. 
From cosmeticcocktail.com
5) Inglot Customer Service goofing up and resending my already sent Freedom Palette order.  Yay free freedom palette/ eyeshadow!


1) Essie Chip Free Top Coat - This is useless, it makes the top of your nails sticky for like 20 minutes while it dries.  It also seems to miss the boat on being chip free as well, since I had chips within the first day.
Image courtesy of walmart.com
2) Hardy Candy Beetle/ Rimmel Zeitgeist/ Orly Cosmix Space Cadet - Any polish that is a purple/green duochrome in a black base looks amazing in the bottle, but absolutely lackluster on the nails.  All you get is a weird purple reflect.  No deep purple, no chartreuse green.  Fail.

3) MAC Spring collections.  These all have blown.  Wonder Women - oversized mediocrity.  Quite Cute - pastel themed uber kawaii.  Surf Baby - gimmicky Hawaiian.  None have truly inventive/ innovative products, and the color stories are BORING.


Mail Calls -  Fyrinnae order; not expected for another two weeks - got Oil control face primer in prep for summer!
Favorite Song Right Now - Isolation by Alterbridge or New Low by Middle Class Rut
Image courtesy of austriannoblemen.com

Favorite Hair Product  - Volumizing Hair Powder. I like Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play.  Genius, no roundbrush or teasing required, big hair.  Great for short haired ladies like myself.
Image courtesy of primobeauty.com

Weird Craving - Sushi.  A whole smorgasbord of it.


Movie I Really Want to See - Suckerpunch; for the makeup and Steampunk-esque visuals.

Books - I'm mad into steampunk romance right now.  You should check out The Parasol Protectorate/ Alexia Tarabotti series by Gail Carriger or the Iron Seas series by Meljean Brook.  Also, can't wait for the latest JR Ward book.  I'm rife with anticipation.

Image courtesy of booktionary.blogspot.com

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