22 November 2011

Unfailing the 30 Day Challenge : Questions 7 and 8!

7) Favorite Eyeshadow Color?  MAC Ricepaper or Urban Decay Skimp and Wreckage (from the Mariposa Palette - I am in love with this palette the way the rest of the world is in love with the Naked Palette).  Ricepaper is a gorgeous natural highlighter from MACs perm range.  Skimp is lovely blended over the lid for a quick brightening eyeshadow look.  Wreckage is lovely on its own, its a true ash brown with silvery and golden sheen in it, but blended a tiny bit with a bronzer (or a shade like MAC cork) it takes on this lovely purple tinge and its UHMAYZING.  The warmth juxtaposes the ashy edge Wreckage has and makes it really beautiful.

8) What is my favorite daytime look?  Ahem.  See this post and this post. If there is one impression you take away from my blog, it is that I love winged liner and nude lips (just like Lauren Conrad apparently - omg I am a Hills clone in a parallel universe, I feel ashamed).  But its true, I actually wear it so much I'm borderline bored with it, but I can't think of any other makeup that is as flattering on me or as quick to do.

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