08 October 2011

Day 4/5/6: All in one neat little post!


Day 4: Do I like wearing foundation? If so, what are your favorites?

- Short answer, no.  But I wear it everyday.  Slowly I am trying to find a new favorite, and actually have grand plans to test out MACs Matchmaster foundation.  I prefer sheer to light coverage, as any higher tends to make my face look wider because it completely drops out the contours and shadowing of my bone structure.  Yeah, I over analyze foundation coverages so sue me.  In the past I have vastly enjoyed MAC Face & Body and MUFE HD Foundation.  I have been using the Body Shops Extra Virgin Minerals but it's beginning to clog my pores, so I've discontinued its use. I also dearly, dearly love Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation and but Warm Sand is my winter shade.

Day 5: Favorite Lipstick, Lipgloss and Liner

These are toughies!  Most days I go sans lipcolor.  If forced to choose, I'd select the following.
MAC Up the Amp Lipstick

VS Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper Extreme in Clear

I don't use lipliner.  I'm not a fan.  I think I own maybe one?  I like the VS Lip Plumper because its shiny, a little goes a LONG way, and I do notice it subtly filling out the vertical lines in my lips.  It also is universal and makes even the driest unfriendliest lipstick usable.

Day 6: Do you like falsies?

- Yes.  I do. I like the idea of them.  However, I cannot wear them out in daytime, or even night time without feeling like people are staring at them.  Even using little baby ones.  I dunno.  I'm weird like that.  However, if you're interested in my latest foray into falsies... check out this post.

I think I'm caught up to speed!  Huzzah!

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