06 September 2011

Fall 2011 - Lacquered Oranges

Taken on iPhone4 w/ flash.

Taken on iPhone4 in daylight/daywhite conditions in from of window.
I am not the best photographer.  I take pictures on an iPhone and edit contrast or color balance to get what I think is an accurate image (ie. in focus, accurately depicting color, appropriately resolved to convey information, not over-exposed so that you lose information or under exposed so that you obscure information).  To me daylight and flash conditions should produce radically different results purely because you are working at different color temperatures.  If I was a better photographer, or really just not taking pictures with an iPhone, I would be able to compensate for this and produce an accurate photograph no matter the lighting conditions.  But I'm not, so take this or leave this as you will, both photographs give an idea of what a lacquered orange lip looks like.

Lacquered Orange I feel is a great color for fall purely because it is vastly unexpected.  Paring ultra shiny lips with matte clean skin is a beautiful juxtaposition of textures, and the luxe look of the vinyl-esque lips would carry great into the holiday season.  I achieved this lip look  applied 2-3 layers of Benefit's Cha Cha Tint to the lips and topped it with Inglot AMC Lip Gloss in 545.  It gives a liquidly lurid garishly orange lip, that pops and snaps off the face.  I really like it.

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