07 August 2011

LASplash Remarkable Pen Style Eyeliner

I have finally found my Blue Eyeliner Love. (I feel the need for all capitals because this is a joyous, momentous occasion for which I am insanely happy about.)  I wear black eyeliner.  ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.  In fact I'm pretty sure my co-workers think I'm one of those weird people who have tattoo-ed on makeup because that is how often I wear it and how good I am at doing it. (I'm a Virgo, we're perfectionists when we step out of our neurotic bubbles).  So needless to say I wanted to break up my humdrum routine with something a bit different.

LASplash Remarkable Precision Pen Eyeliner
Enter in LASplash Remarkable Precision Pen Eyeliner.  LASplash is a bit of a sleeper brand.  Most people know them for their glitter adhesives and liquid liners, but when I was in ULTA the other day these babies caught my eye.  I'm not entirely sure why I never thought to use LAsplash before, out of all of the brands out there this one would surely deliver a product as bright as the packaging.  And lo and behold I was right.

Swotchy swotch - both shades are brighter IRL. 
I have to say.  These were exactly what I was looking for. Given that I was trying to find a blue liner that was neither too dark nor too pastel and watery, a boon of blue liners everywhere.  However, Royal Navy is totally the shit.  It's opaque in one stroke, a beautiful cerulean blue, and it's not super transferable. (ie You don't have lid transfer when you open your eye as it dries).  Amethyst is slightly less remarkable, its a typical purple with a black base, a little predictable but easier to get right as the black makes the purple opaque enough to be a liner.

In my haste I forgot to photo the tip of the pen, but it is a very stiff pointed felt tip that protrudes about an inch from the liner barrel.  Its very stiff and inflexible, which is great if you're just starting out because you can press down and get a precise line without mashing the brush tip into your lid and fucking your line up.  These do need to be stored upside down or the liquid product won't flow into the tip and it can be perceived that it dried out when it didn't.  Also, it ensures enough product flows into the tip, saturating it for ease of use.

Anyways, these are $7.99 USD wherever LASplash is retailed.

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