18 August 2011

Faves & Fails : Friday Edition

I have discovered the elliptical at the gym.  My thighs may never be the same.


- Palladio Eye Ink in Black Ink - My new drugstore eyeliner love.  It's great!  A felt tipped liner than gives a super black line of eyeliner, no re-lining, no wobbly lines (*ahem*UD 24/7 Liquid Liner *ahem*).  Love it.  I used it in my Duping Lana Kane's Archer Face Post. 

- The Body Shops Olive Body Butter - It's thick, rich,moisturizing.  Smells fresh and clean.  Does not leave me greasier than a pig on a spit. AND! It doesn't make me itch!  It also seems to kill my weird white girl ashy-ness that I sometimes have (bonus? I have weird skin....).

- The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask - A clay mask that tingles, refreshes and sucks out clogged pores like a facemask shaped hoover vacuum.  This is so great!  A little goes a long way, and afterwards a light moisturizer is all you need to have firm, poreless, hydrated skin.  Excellent pick me up.


- Benefit Coralista Blush - Why do people like this!?!  I tried it out (again) as a BI sample from Sephora and honestly wasn't impressed (again).  It's not pigmented enough to show up on my skin, its such a soft rose with a tiny bit of coral that its sorta pointless unless I pack it on.  But then it gives me massively shimmertastic cheeks.  I should digress, because this powder does one thing fabulously - smell overbearingly like roses.  Blech.

- My Lower Eyelashes + Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - This is more of my bottom eyelashes are sparse and fine and long.  This product, while having many a warranted merit I'm sure, does not work for me.  It just leaves me with blobby lower lashes. 


Future Mail Calls

- Inglot Cosmetics - They um, erm, eh... fucked up? and sent me a cream blush and super dark concealer instead of my Matte Gel Eyeliners.  I have to wait another week to get my products, which is semi-irksome, as it took a weekend to get a response and they weren't sent via expedited shipping.

- Amazon.com - Diorshow Lash Primer Serum, Anna Sui Gloss in 703 and Anna Sui Rouge G in 200.  Yeah baby, Anna Sui! You may see them featured in a Giant Hand o' Swatch sometime soon. 

Favorite Song Right Now

- Coma by Eighteen Visions and Our Darkest Days by Eighteen Visions.

Oh mai.. so hawt.

Favorite Hair Product

- Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Conditioner -  I don't know what sorts of alchemy goes into the manufacturing of this, but it forces complete submission of my hair.  Its super love.  I got my hair chopped and it was being unruly, one application of this and I was golden.  Smooth, lots of body, non-greasy.

Weird Craving

- Does Patron count?  I feel it should.

Obsessive Television

- South Park.  Yeah.  I just watched all of season 14 straight through this weekend.  My mind is not quite the same.


- THE PLAGUE KING by Jonathan Maberry.  RUN! Do not walk to the bookstore/library and buy the Joe Ledger series (Patient Zero and The Dragon Factory).  If Stephen King and Tom Clancy were put in a blender and some World War Z was added, you'd get this series.  It's pretty amazing. 

Clearly, I have the mentality of a college aged boy this week.  Metal, booze, crude humor and shoot-em up books.  For realzies, I'll let you know when I've gotten back to my typical irregularly scheduled programming.

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