11 August 2011

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

Another week another meme.  What's a girl to do?


- Sula Natural Lipgloss in Beautiful Stranger - This is a lightweight golden shimmery gloss.  Think Stila Kitten diluted by an order of magnitude.  Perfect for having a lovely SUPER SHINY pout.  It also smells like fruit salad and is non-sticky, which is nice.  Also, really cutely styled.  This is definitely a carry around gloss just for the packaging alone.
I'm so pretty!

- NARS Exotic Dance Eyeshadow Duo - I love NARS.  I blame this girl for that.  However, this is one of my favorites.  A very pretty shimmery tarnished gold and a beautiful sheer shimmery ice white.  The beauty of this duo lies in the white shade as it is completely sheer and goes on soft and highlight-esque without packing on a ton of color which counterpoints the gold nicely.  Also, if you can add in Mekong you've got a NARS trifecta.

- MAC Hue Turquatic Eau de Parfum - I love this scent. A love, watery, unisex esque citrus floral.  I get lots of compliments on smellin' so bitchin' when I wear it.
Lovely simple packaging!


- MAC Hue Turquatic Eau de Parfum - I wish they had the old packaging, to me the scent reads more clean, clear and crisp (like the old turquoise, glass and black plastic packaging) than this new "redesigned" shenanigans.  The new, overly stylized packaging doesn't remind me of a pretty sensual sea spray.  It reminds me of what light looks like when its filtered through swamp water.  But I digress.  I like very simple, minimalistic type things.  This is not that its weirdly gaudy.  Do not like.
Swampy and Gaudy.  Ew.

- LASplash Remarkable Precision Pen Liner in Royal Navy - Sooooo.  This stains.  As in, eats through Palladio herbal eye primer to give you lovely blue raccoon eyes that only a thick layer of MAC paint pot could correct.  Heh.  WHAT.  I DID NOT SIGN UP TO HAVE BLUE STAINED EYELIDS.  RETURN!


Future Mail Calls

- I'm thinking of doing a Linnaeus Cosmetics order because of all of the indie twitter buzz.  That and the owner is very cool and nice. Plus, she has some shades that I am dying to try like Bouffant and Jounce.

- I may order MAC Hocus Pocus ES and MAC All of My Purple Life from the Blogger's Obsession Collex.  Two shades I have nothing like!

Favorite Song Right Now

- HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS by Florence + the Machine - I get apoplectic about this song.  I have a deep emotional connection to it in my car.  I'm I look like I have Tourettes instead of singing.

Favorite Hair Product

- Sally Hershberger Spray Wax -  I dunno what this is called, but its awesome when my hair grows out and gets shaggy between cuts.  It gives the back weight and dimension and it smells AMAZING.  Sort of sandalwood/ patchouli baby.

Weird Craving

- Ham.  There I said it.  JUDGE ME.
That's right bitches.  I'm Giant, Hammy and Delicious.

Obsessive Television

- Archer -  I can quote most of season 1.  When I get bored I watch Archer.  I don't care how many times I've seen it, its freaking hilarious.

Well thank God for them internets.


- Sunshine by Robin McKinley - I have a friend who thought this book was absolutely stupid.  But I love it because it's the closest I've ever found to an author mimic-ing my internal dialogue.  I love the main character and I sort of secretly want to be a baker because of this book, even though I can't bake.

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