30 August 2011

Anna Sui Rouge G in 200 and Lipgloss in 703

I've wanted to try Anna Sui cosmetics for the longest time.  I'm generally not one of these crazy people who engage in Makeup snobbery, generally. I am universal in my jones for makeup as long as its good quality and performs well.  Anna Sui is the exception to the rule.  I wanted Anna Sui because it was gorgeous and I wanted to be one of those chicks who has a semi-hard to get high end bit of purse candy just so I could whip it out and make those more discerning women, who would recognize the Sui label, pant with jealousy.  I guess that makes me a bit of a bitch? Fair enough, check this out.  (You may commence the eye rolling and judgement!)

Say Whaaaattt....
This picture illustrates one thing and one thing only.  The packaging is amazing! I never save packaging, ever.  (With the exception of the MAC Viva Glam Gaga II and Cyndi Lauper Lipgloss boxes).  However, you'd be a moron to throw something like these boxes away.  I have the boxes in a drawer in my jewelry box that I rarely go into so they don't get messed up.

Sigh... it just keeps getting better.
The rose theme is carried onto the packaging.  It's ever present in the ornate quality of the plastic lipstick case and in the whimsical rosette that tops the lip gloss tube.  They may be plastic and semi-commonplace in Asia, but this almost trips my rift more than Guerlain... and that is saying something.  In fact, when I pop the cap off the lipstick I almost feel like bursting into song.  Something along the lines of "I feel pretty... oh so pretty!"

Do you feel the pretty yet?

The detail is not lost in the interior of the lipstick.  The brand is emblazoned among the screw top case.  The lipgloss is less exciting.  You just unscrew it and reveal a rectangular, flat doe tipped brush.  Womp, womp.

Swatches.  Read the in picture captions, they reveal all.
Now down to the nitty gritty.


- Rouge G in Anna Sui talk means the lipstick is a glaze finish.  I guess by glaze they mean glorified lip balm, because this lipstick looks exactly like a glorified lip balm.  A luscious, silky, succulent lip balm - but a lip balm none the less.

- The lipstick is INCREDIBLY soft.  You don't need a lot of pressure to apply this.  In fact, if you applied more than medium pressure, you'd probably damage the lipstick.  Which would be unfortunate as this is not cheap.  It would also ruin the allure of having a dress lipstick. No one likes pretty packaging and a slightly deformed lipstick.  It's obscene.

- I have a love for purple lipsticks.  I think they are a fantastic funky alternative to a pink or a mauve.  I also think that this would have been a great purple lipstick, had the shade had any opacity to it.  I guess it's more of a "show" purple lipstick and not and "achieve" purple lipstick.  I was left with lovely glossy, albeit un-purpled lips after application and  the slight sting of an opportunity for purple greatness passing me by.


This gloss is a standard nude with a pink hue.  Its a nice thick gloss that is ultra shiny without being too sticky.  The shade sheers out on the lips, so this is great for layering over a brighter pink lipcolor to sheer it out or by itself as an everyday nude lipgloss.  The brevity of this description has more to do with it being a general well performing generic gloss than it having any major functional issues.

- Holy crap do these things reek.  Open them up and Anna Sui assaults you with an over-reaching scent of roses. It's like the lip products are the Allies, your olfactory system are the Germans and your nose is the new Normandy.  Quite literally all you can smell are roses.  ROSES and ROSES and ROSES.  It's so overwhelming that when I opened the product I thought someone was burning citronella until I realized what exactly I was smelling.

- There are no discernable taste to these.  Which is nice.  Because I would not want to taste what these smell like.

- These products are remarkable for the intricate packaging and the label of Anna Sui.  Everything else is very average, I feel.  I wish I had a different opinion but I don't.  You don't really need these.  They need you.  They need your love.  Because otherwise they would be generic and mediocre.  Like a highschool girl who tries to re-invent herself for prom.  Fluff and glitter and pretty over a regular base.  It all washes off eventually.

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