30 August 2011

Anna Sui Rouge G in 200 and Lipgloss in 703

I've wanted to try Anna Sui cosmetics for the longest time.  I'm generally not one of these crazy people who engage in Makeup snobbery, generally. I am universal in my jones for makeup as long as its good quality and performs well.  Anna Sui is the exception to the rule.  I wanted Anna Sui because it was gorgeous and I wanted to be one of those chicks who has a semi-hard to get high end bit of purse candy just so I could whip it out and make those more discerning women, who would recognize the Sui label, pant with jealousy.  I guess that makes me a bit of a bitch? Fair enough, check this out.  (You may commence the eye rolling and judgement!)

Say Whaaaattt....
This picture illustrates one thing and one thing only.  The packaging is amazing! I never save packaging, ever.  (With the exception of the MAC Viva Glam Gaga II and Cyndi Lauper Lipgloss boxes).  However, you'd be a moron to throw something like these boxes away.  I have the boxes in a drawer in my jewelry box that I rarely go into so they don't get messed up.

Sigh... it just keeps getting better.
The rose theme is carried onto the packaging.  It's ever present in the ornate quality of the plastic lipstick case and in the whimsical rosette that tops the lip gloss tube.  They may be plastic and semi-commonplace in Asia, but this almost trips my rift more than Guerlain... and that is saying something.  In fact, when I pop the cap off the lipstick I almost feel like bursting into song.  Something along the lines of "I feel pretty... oh so pretty!"

Do you feel the pretty yet?

The detail is not lost in the interior of the lipstick.  The brand is emblazoned among the screw top case.  The lipgloss is less exciting.  You just unscrew it and reveal a rectangular, flat doe tipped brush.  Womp, womp.

Swatches.  Read the in picture captions, they reveal all.
Now down to the nitty gritty.


- Rouge G in Anna Sui talk means the lipstick is a glaze finish.  I guess by glaze they mean glorified lip balm, because this lipstick looks exactly like a glorified lip balm.  A luscious, silky, succulent lip balm - but a lip balm none the less.

- The lipstick is INCREDIBLY soft.  You don't need a lot of pressure to apply this.  In fact, if you applied more than medium pressure, you'd probably damage the lipstick.  Which would be unfortunate as this is not cheap.  It would also ruin the allure of having a dress lipstick. No one likes pretty packaging and a slightly deformed lipstick.  It's obscene.

- I have a love for purple lipsticks.  I think they are a fantastic funky alternative to a pink or a mauve.  I also think that this would have been a great purple lipstick, had the shade had any opacity to it.  I guess it's more of a "show" purple lipstick and not and "achieve" purple lipstick.  I was left with lovely glossy, albeit un-purpled lips after application and  the slight sting of an opportunity for purple greatness passing me by.


This gloss is a standard nude with a pink hue.  Its a nice thick gloss that is ultra shiny without being too sticky.  The shade sheers out on the lips, so this is great for layering over a brighter pink lipcolor to sheer it out or by itself as an everyday nude lipgloss.  The brevity of this description has more to do with it being a general well performing generic gloss than it having any major functional issues.

- Holy crap do these things reek.  Open them up and Anna Sui assaults you with an over-reaching scent of roses. It's like the lip products are the Allies, your olfactory system are the Germans and your nose is the new Normandy.  Quite literally all you can smell are roses.  ROSES and ROSES and ROSES.  It's so overwhelming that when I opened the product I thought someone was burning citronella until I realized what exactly I was smelling.

- There are no discernable taste to these.  Which is nice.  Because I would not want to taste what these smell like.

- These products are remarkable for the intricate packaging and the label of Anna Sui.  Everything else is very average, I feel.  I wish I had a different opinion but I don't.  You don't really need these.  They need you.  They need your love.  Because otherwise they would be generic and mediocre.  Like a highschool girl who tries to re-invent herself for prom.  Fluff and glitter and pretty over a regular base.  It all washes off eventually.

26 August 2011

Fall Lippies 2011 - Wine + Berries

Fallll Lips!  One of many!

This is pretty easy and pretty, pretty!  Its STILA (not NARS, I'm a moron) Acai lipstain - one pretty even coat with NARS Nana lipgloss.  A bright bluish red stain with a blackened grape lipgloss.  Super divine!

23 August 2011

The Giant Hand o' Swatch Vol 2

I am horrifically sunburned.  I went to the beach as a birthday/ relaxation trip on Sunday and OMG, am I roasted.  It hurts to move most of my face, so no makeups for me for a while.  However, that does not mean that I cannot keep up with my Hand of Swatch, because my hand is not sunburned for the most part.

That's right... gaze at the swatches... they are so pretty.... gazzzeeeee.....

18 August 2011

Faves & Fails : Friday Edition

I have discovered the elliptical at the gym.  My thighs may never be the same.


- Palladio Eye Ink in Black Ink - My new drugstore eyeliner love.  It's great!  A felt tipped liner than gives a super black line of eyeliner, no re-lining, no wobbly lines (*ahem*UD 24/7 Liquid Liner *ahem*).  Love it.  I used it in my Duping Lana Kane's Archer Face Post. 

- The Body Shops Olive Body Butter - It's thick, rich,moisturizing.  Smells fresh and clean.  Does not leave me greasier than a pig on a spit. AND! It doesn't make me itch!  It also seems to kill my weird white girl ashy-ness that I sometimes have (bonus? I have weird skin....).

- The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask - A clay mask that tingles, refreshes and sucks out clogged pores like a facemask shaped hoover vacuum.  This is so great!  A little goes a long way, and afterwards a light moisturizer is all you need to have firm, poreless, hydrated skin.  Excellent pick me up.


- Benefit Coralista Blush - Why do people like this!?!  I tried it out (again) as a BI sample from Sephora and honestly wasn't impressed (again).  It's not pigmented enough to show up on my skin, its such a soft rose with a tiny bit of coral that its sorta pointless unless I pack it on.  But then it gives me massively shimmertastic cheeks.  I should digress, because this powder does one thing fabulously - smell overbearingly like roses.  Blech.

- My Lower Eyelashes + Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - This is more of my bottom eyelashes are sparse and fine and long.  This product, while having many a warranted merit I'm sure, does not work for me.  It just leaves me with blobby lower lashes. 


Future Mail Calls

- Inglot Cosmetics - They um, erm, eh... fucked up? and sent me a cream blush and super dark concealer instead of my Matte Gel Eyeliners.  I have to wait another week to get my products, which is semi-irksome, as it took a weekend to get a response and they weren't sent via expedited shipping.

- Amazon.com - Diorshow Lash Primer Serum, Anna Sui Gloss in 703 and Anna Sui Rouge G in 200.  Yeah baby, Anna Sui! You may see them featured in a Giant Hand o' Swatch sometime soon. 

Favorite Song Right Now

- Coma by Eighteen Visions and Our Darkest Days by Eighteen Visions.

Oh mai.. so hawt.

Favorite Hair Product

- Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Conditioner -  I don't know what sorts of alchemy goes into the manufacturing of this, but it forces complete submission of my hair.  Its super love.  I got my hair chopped and it was being unruly, one application of this and I was golden.  Smooth, lots of body, non-greasy.

Weird Craving

- Does Patron count?  I feel it should.

Obsessive Television

- South Park.  Yeah.  I just watched all of season 14 straight through this weekend.  My mind is not quite the same.


- THE PLAGUE KING by Jonathan Maberry.  RUN! Do not walk to the bookstore/library and buy the Joe Ledger series (Patient Zero and The Dragon Factory).  If Stephen King and Tom Clancy were put in a blender and some World War Z was added, you'd get this series.  It's pretty amazing. 

Clearly, I have the mentality of a college aged boy this week.  Metal, booze, crude humor and shoot-em up books.  For realzies, I'll let you know when I've gotten back to my typical irregularly scheduled programming.

Prelude to a Haul: MAC MAC Me Over

Before we get started, watch and appreciate:

K. My work here is done.  Just kidding!


- Outre Eyeshadow -  A matte ochre yellow eyeshadow?  Uhhh whats not to like?  I kid people who are cool toned and fair may not be too jazzed with this, but this is a shade that is unique to the MAC Perm line and I for one see it as a beautiful fall-esque crease color and a funky complement in a dark brown smokey eye.

- Equilibrium Blush - A shimmery cool toned tan blush.  I can see this being perfect for contouring or a lovely neutral cheek to complement an intense eye or bold lip.

- Street Cool Shadestick - A lovely taupe, a perfect base for other taupes?  (It seems only fair to include this because Outre will only look good on certain skintones.  Same applies here.)

- Fatigues Nail Lacquer - A green-blue dusty greyish creme nailpolish.  Sounds remarkably complex, but looks pretty on the nails.

- Smoked Purple Lipstick -  A beautiful unusual smokey purple color.  I'm not sure if I've ever seen this in lipstick form, but I can't resist.  It fuels my addiction for "ugly" purple lipsticks.  See also  Rebel, Runaway Red  and  Prince Noir.   I vastly enjoy all of these lipstick shades. A great diverse range for fall.


- All of the Fluidlines -  I know Dark Diversion will not blow.  (I own it, and it doesn't).  I really would like to include Midnight Blues and Envy but I'm concerned that the texture, consistency and performance will be subpar.  Also, I already own shades similar to this in MAC pearlglides.

- Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad - The name does it for me, the swatches are what don't. Everything looks dark and one dimensional.  Like it wouldn't matter what shade I put on, it would all blend out the same on my eye and be dark and muddy.

- Illicit Lipglass - I like the color in the swatches, but I own a lot of other similar milky, pinky, peachy lipglasses.  If this one is special and unique enough I'd say do it.


- For the record I hate most of everything in the Icelandic Cool collection.  It's way to pale, pastel and shimmery for someone like me.  I'm dark and yellow toned and not fair.  This will look like death on me.  Therefore, SKIP!

- Secret Lover Lipstick - Wtf.  This is like Iron Maiden Lipstick from that one collection that had Full on Fuschia Blush and Ravishing Lipstick.  Pale, non-descript and no color once on the lips.  Why pay $14 for glorified lip balm?


This collection is weirdly one dimensional.  Its not colorful or diverse enough for my liking.  There are things I can find that I like, but most of the products leave me lukewarm.  Anyone remember Cult of Cherry or the MAC Make Up Art Cosmetics Collections?  Now those were some outstanding fall MAC showings.

14 August 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Something fun that was bequeathed to me from The Unknown Beauty Blog .  Thanks! :D
The rules are simple, answer 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to as many other bloggers as you can.

1) I can't tell my right from my left hand.  A lot of the times I point in the direction rather than say "make a right turn" or what not.  Inherently, I realize at  25 I should know my right from my left, or at least know the cheat trick.  But in times of stress I'm useless with it.

2) I'm not 25 yet.  I'm 24 until 23 Aug.  However, mentally I have already transitioned.

3) Nine times out of ten when I have a craving it's cheese.  Even when I don't know what I want, if I have cheese I'm usually satisfied.  If you are ever craving cheese and have tomatoes and a Mango-Ginger Stilton on hand, they make a great salad.  Also, I vastly enjoy Amy's Organic Matar Paneer.  You know, when I get the craving for Indian Cheese.

4) I use subheadings because I cannot transition from a technical writing perspective.  So while I may misspell things, become vastly in-articulate with my opinion and generally just fail at writing intelligently, I will always have subheadings.  Subheadings are my friends.

5) I get a massive kick out of writing Faves & Fails: Friday Edition.  I enjoy talking about more things than just make-up.  Hence why the Random subheading is so large and so random. PS.  I thought including a giant picture of ham in the latest edition was incredibly hysterical.  It also made my very hungry.

6) I used to write What Lachesis Thinks!  I had it for two years or so.  It was my poor girls therapy to deal with the stress of graduate school.  I wanted to re-invent myself as something more sophisticated (ish) and I wanted to leave the memories of my stress behind.  Because holy shitsnacks was I stressed, and massively unhappy.  However, I got my graduate degree and have become significantly less stressed and significantly more happy and wanted a blog to reflect this change.

7) I want some cheese right now.

Uhhh... By leaps and bounds the Think Tank is chumming the waters of obscurity and should have not basis for giving an award.  But I do like the following blogs:

11 August 2011

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

Another week another meme.  What's a girl to do?


- Sula Natural Lipgloss in Beautiful Stranger - This is a lightweight golden shimmery gloss.  Think Stila Kitten diluted by an order of magnitude.  Perfect for having a lovely SUPER SHINY pout.  It also smells like fruit salad and is non-sticky, which is nice.  Also, really cutely styled.  This is definitely a carry around gloss just for the packaging alone.
I'm so pretty!

- NARS Exotic Dance Eyeshadow Duo - I love NARS.  I blame this girl for that.  However, this is one of my favorites.  A very pretty shimmery tarnished gold and a beautiful sheer shimmery ice white.  The beauty of this duo lies in the white shade as it is completely sheer and goes on soft and highlight-esque without packing on a ton of color which counterpoints the gold nicely.  Also, if you can add in Mekong you've got a NARS trifecta.

- MAC Hue Turquatic Eau de Parfum - I love this scent. A love, watery, unisex esque citrus floral.  I get lots of compliments on smellin' so bitchin' when I wear it.
Lovely simple packaging!


- MAC Hue Turquatic Eau de Parfum - I wish they had the old packaging, to me the scent reads more clean, clear and crisp (like the old turquoise, glass and black plastic packaging) than this new "redesigned" shenanigans.  The new, overly stylized packaging doesn't remind me of a pretty sensual sea spray.  It reminds me of what light looks like when its filtered through swamp water.  But I digress.  I like very simple, minimalistic type things.  This is not that its weirdly gaudy.  Do not like.
Swampy and Gaudy.  Ew.

- LASplash Remarkable Precision Pen Liner in Royal Navy - Sooooo.  This stains.  As in, eats through Palladio herbal eye primer to give you lovely blue raccoon eyes that only a thick layer of MAC paint pot could correct.  Heh.  WHAT.  I DID NOT SIGN UP TO HAVE BLUE STAINED EYELIDS.  RETURN!


Future Mail Calls

- I'm thinking of doing a Linnaeus Cosmetics order because of all of the indie twitter buzz.  That and the owner is very cool and nice. Plus, she has some shades that I am dying to try like Bouffant and Jounce.

- I may order MAC Hocus Pocus ES and MAC All of My Purple Life from the Blogger's Obsession Collex.  Two shades I have nothing like!

Favorite Song Right Now

- HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS by Florence + the Machine - I get apoplectic about this song.  I have a deep emotional connection to it in my car.  I'm I look like I have Tourettes instead of singing.

Favorite Hair Product

- Sally Hershberger Spray Wax -  I dunno what this is called, but its awesome when my hair grows out and gets shaggy between cuts.  It gives the back weight and dimension and it smells AMAZING.  Sort of sandalwood/ patchouli baby.

Weird Craving

- Ham.  There I said it.  JUDGE ME.
That's right bitches.  I'm Giant, Hammy and Delicious.

Obsessive Television

- Archer -  I can quote most of season 1.  When I get bored I watch Archer.  I don't care how many times I've seen it, its freaking hilarious.

Well thank God for them internets.


- Sunshine by Robin McKinley - I have a friend who thought this book was absolutely stupid.  But I love it because it's the closest I've ever found to an author mimic-ing my internal dialogue.  I love the main character and I sort of secretly want to be a baker because of this book, even though I can't bake.

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09 August 2011

An Etsy Pastiche

Ok, I use the term pastiche loosely.  However, check out what I've been drooling over on Etsy lately.  Hella lemmings, yo.
Chemical warfare ties.
Vaguely threatening rectangle bird magnets.

A Gawjus retro dress.

Beautiful Earrings.
A witty flask.
The captions are linkies to the sellers.  I'm such an Esty window shopper, really fun stuff there.

08 August 2011

The Think Tank has a Facebook page... Say Whaaat!!!

In the interest of social networking I've given the Think Tank a facebook page!  I'm sure to include more random there than I ever could contain here (which I'm sure is not entirely true, but here's hoping!)

Yes Kids.  This blog, has a FACEBOOK page.  Yay!

It also has a twitter! Follow Me!

Your commander in all things over-exposed and doomlike,

07 August 2011

LASplash Remarkable Pen Style Eyeliner

I have finally found my Blue Eyeliner Love. (I feel the need for all capitals because this is a joyous, momentous occasion for which I am insanely happy about.)  I wear black eyeliner.  ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.  In fact I'm pretty sure my co-workers think I'm one of those weird people who have tattoo-ed on makeup because that is how often I wear it and how good I am at doing it. (I'm a Virgo, we're perfectionists when we step out of our neurotic bubbles).  So needless to say I wanted to break up my humdrum routine with something a bit different.

LASplash Remarkable Precision Pen Eyeliner
Enter in LASplash Remarkable Precision Pen Eyeliner.  LASplash is a bit of a sleeper brand.  Most people know them for their glitter adhesives and liquid liners, but when I was in ULTA the other day these babies caught my eye.  I'm not entirely sure why I never thought to use LAsplash before, out of all of the brands out there this one would surely deliver a product as bright as the packaging.  And lo and behold I was right.

Swotchy swotch - both shades are brighter IRL. 
I have to say.  These were exactly what I was looking for. Given that I was trying to find a blue liner that was neither too dark nor too pastel and watery, a boon of blue liners everywhere.  However, Royal Navy is totally the shit.  It's opaque in one stroke, a beautiful cerulean blue, and it's not super transferable. (ie You don't have lid transfer when you open your eye as it dries).  Amethyst is slightly less remarkable, its a typical purple with a black base, a little predictable but easier to get right as the black makes the purple opaque enough to be a liner.

In my haste I forgot to photo the tip of the pen, but it is a very stiff pointed felt tip that protrudes about an inch from the liner barrel.  Its very stiff and inflexible, which is great if you're just starting out because you can press down and get a precise line without mashing the brush tip into your lid and fucking your line up.  These do need to be stored upside down or the liquid product won't flow into the tip and it can be perceived that it dried out when it didn't.  Also, it ensures enough product flows into the tip, saturating it for ease of use.

Anyways, these are $7.99 USD wherever LASplash is retailed.

04 August 2011

Faves & Fails: Friday Edition

Hullloooooooo!  Faves and Fails time... yay!?!

I have pared my makeup routine down to a ridiculously tiny fraction of what it used to be because A.  It's balls friggin hot outside and B. When I'm hot I can't be bothered.


1.  I went on a foundation kick in a big fat hairy way and have two heavy weight loves.  MUFE HD in 140 and NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab.  I like both of these because they give me an even, pore minimized face that looks like SKIN not six layers of products.  Great for summer, if set with a silica powder or an oil absorbing powder otherwise they get slippy.  I don't wear moisturizers with either of these products because they're emollient enough on their own.  If my skin is feeling dry I reach for a gel based oil free moisturizer and blot off any excess residue.

2. Benefit Cha-Cha tint.  I am not a fan of the moronic packaging of the Benefit stains (nailpolish brush to dispense a STAIN, pure wtf-ery).  This one however is love.  If you are a warm-toned, yellow-y, olive-y, fair girly like myself, this is the perfect tint for you.  It looks like an awesome coral-y orange, but on the skin sheers out to a warm vibrant pink. Its beautiful layered on the lips to give a warm ultra rosy flush.  I vastly enjoy this stain.  I tend to take a stippling brush and daub the product lightly onto the bristles, dab off the excess, and buff it onto the cheeks.  I place it diffusely first, then add a tinnnyyyy bit more to the apple of the cheek.




TBH - I haven't been trying any makeup lately that I've been hating.  I've sort of fallen off the lemming wagon.  I'm not super enthused by anything coming out for fall by either MAC or NARS, given that I stick to my staple look pretty hardcore.  I'm looking to be wow-ed out of the water, and I'm just not finding it.  The UD Fall 2011 got my pulse elevated, now I'm looking for the good slow burn of make-up that starts in August and carries into the winter.  But for now, there is nothing that I can say is a SUPER FAIL from personal experience.


Mail Calls

- Inglot Cosmetics - AMC Matte Gel Eyeliner in 85 and 83.  The Chartreuse and the mid-tone lilac shade.
- NARS Exotic Dance Duo - B'day Makeup
- This dress to wear for my B-day Beach excursion

Favorite Song Right Now: Monster - Paramore & Addicted to Love - Florence + the Machine

 Favorite Hair Product: John Frieda Volumizing Hair Lotion.  IT HAS TO BE THE LOTION FORMULATION.  It integrates with dry hair for styling wonderfully.  Gives lots of volume and oomph at the root/ crown.

Weird Craving - Papa Johns Pizza orrrrrrr Pinneapple.  Yummeh.

Obsessive Television:  I am hulu-ing Combat Hospital.  Its a refreshing look at the war in Iraq in a drama, and while its produced in Canada and set in 2006, I really like it.  Its funny and relevant.  Its fixing the hole in my heart that Mercy left when they cancelled it.

Books - I am devouring The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Its such a dark sad book, but its so good and has a wonderful use of first person.  Plus, its narrated by the Grim Reaper and he's one witty bastard.

Thanks for Reading!