04 April 2011

Lemmings! - Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette

Generally, I find quite a bit of Urban Decay products to be hokey/ gimmicky/ over-hyped.  And, generally, when I buy into the hype, I end up disappointed and left with a lackluster product (ie Diamond Dust ES, Sustainability Palette, Book of Shadows Vol I & III).  However, for whatever reason (probably because it looks so boss) I want the Rollergirl palette.  Like really want it.  Just see for yourself.

To avoid messy photo filching problems, I'm just going to do a google image search and box the photos that come up.  Anyways, the red box contains the palettes.

Now this does contain one dupe that I know of from the UD Naked palette - Darkhorse.  This kind of incestuousness in UD palettes is one of their hallmarks, but I think darkhorse is lovely enough to own a duplicate of it. 

Rumor has it (and by rumor I mean Temptalia) that this is dropping in April (hopefully around the same time Illamasqua Toxic Nature comes to Sephora.com) and will bring me out of the Spring MAC-can't-design-a-decent-non-hokey-collection doldrums.  Hopefully.


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