29 March 2011

Prelude to a Haul: MAC Quite Cute

If this isn't a giveaway as to my former identity I don't know what is.  Anywho, I love doing Prelude to a Haul, and this one is for MAC Quite Cute.  Remember, its about shopping smarter not duping harder.

Something is le deranged here, and its not me this time.      

Apparently pastels are in this spring, hopefully transitioning to a neon summer.  This kind of looks like a loose, slightly more feminine, less panda-esque Ganjuro makeup (It also reminds me of pictorials from Illamasquas Toxic Nature collection).  Which honestly, is not a trend you see dutifully copied in the US.  We like to rebel with metal and ink here in the US (and even thats not really that rebellious anymore).  Overall, this collection seems to favor the more cool toned gals, with all of the pastel, frilly, silliness, so I am not sold on most of the collection per se.


- Play Time Cremesheen Lipstick - I enjoy purple lipsticks, like really enjoy them.  I think there aren't enough available to purchase.  This one is described as an intense violet (which hopefully isn't a Violetta dupe - given the cremesheen texture, signs point to this not being the case).

- Bubble Tea Plushglass - Plushglasses are designed to plump the lips (which is why you never see MAC coming out with a pure plumping gloss) and I think that if you're going for bigger, puffier lips, nude is the way to go.  It's light so the lips appear larger, and the nude can downplay any overly bee stung color, while still being natural.  Bubble Tea is touted as a nude, but its not.  It's more of a milky warm pink.  Which is not nude, however, it seems to be the most wearable of the bunch being released.  I'd like to see it in store, but I feel that this would be a safe choice if purchasing products sight unseen.


- Miss Behave Mineralize Blush  - This is the only shade I can feasibly see being used as a cheek product.  Perhaps as a highlighter?  I'm hoping the mint green will provide an interesting reflect, instead of a washed out shimmer. However, swatches on Temptalia (which are slightly over- exposed) give no indication of that being the case.  Otherwise, I'm really not interested in the cheek products.  I feel that they are boring, and relatively safe choices compared to the cheek products released in last years Spring collections from MAC.

- Little Girl Type Cream Nail Lacquer - Is it me or is this polish vaguely pedophilic sounding?  Like... MAC got into deep shit over their Rodarte collection that never released last November, I'm surprised this was allowed past the PC filters.  I think out of the three shades this is the most wearable.  Not necessarily the most unique of the set, but its the only one that doesn't make me twitch with the overblown pastel theme.


- Quite Cute Cremesheen Lipstick - Dear fashion world.  NO ONE LOOKS GOOD IN LAVENDER LIPSTICK UNLESS THEY ARE PAPER WHITE.  /end rant.  Just skip it.  A shade like this has been released once a year (Lavender Whip and Blooming Lovely to name a few) and they all are perennially pretty in the tube and a perennial fail on the face.
- Cutie Eyeshadow Quad -  Seriously... are we 15?  Because thats what I feel like.  I can't say that I'm impressed or excited over this quad.  I feel like once you take a good hard look you can find cheaper dupes from indie brands that are more nuanced/ better and have a more unique less mass produced look to them.

- Boldy Bare Lip Liner - I thought this was a pastel collection.  SO WHY IS THERE A BRICK RED LINER?  Is this so you can smoosh the ugly, off-color pastel plushglasses into it to formulate a wearable color?  Why include this?  Do you want to have obviously overlined lips with pastel centers (which is plausible, but I thought we were scamming Ganjuro makeup, not Chola makeup)?  I'm not sure, but I can't forsee this being a big seller for MAC.


- Naked/ In Sych Lip Liners  - from 2010's Too Fabulous Collection.
- Saint Germain Amplified Lipstick  - Permanent Collection.
This collection drops 7 April.  Thanks for reading!


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