30 March 2011

Nina by Nina Ricci

I am slowly, but surely, making my way into more Gourmand type fragrances.  I traditionally like fresh, skin like fragrances with Burberry's The Beat being the only perfume to date that I have purchased twice.  I tried to get into more of what I describe as "piss and vinegar" type of perfumerie, the types of perfumes that hardcore perfum-o-philes dig, but I couldn't I'm just not cut out to smell like Oud or Ambergris.  I can't do it.  So I ran the opposite direction and decided I wanted to smell like warm candy fluff.  Which Nina by Nina Ricci is, in the nicest way.

I'm going on record and saying this is a PERSIMMON... apple imagery and Twilight be damned.  Image courtesy of Perfumezilla.com

So if you go onto the Sephora website, they describe this scent in a bunch of carefully marketed hullabaloo designed to make you really, really, REALLY want to buy it.  Phrases like Caipirinha Lime and Red Toffee Apple and Calabrese Lemon.  Seriously, wtf.  All this does is make me hungry.  Second.  It's not an entirely accurate representation of what this scent smells like.

When I first spritzed this is in ULTA, I was assaulted by an overwhelming Pink Lemonade Pixie Stix kind of smell.  Literally, I kind of felt like I had snorted Kool-Aid minus the burn.  I could almost smell the sugar crystallizing in the air.  This put me off the scent, almost immediately.  Fortunately, this went away within 10 minutes and dried down to a warm sort of lemon-y, sugar-y, slightly acidic fragrance with a softly warm heart.  There is a tiiiiiiiiiiinnnyyy bit of warmth, most likely from the woods this scent has.  As it wears, it becomes a very soft warm, creamy scent.  Most of the sugar goes away leaving what I would describe a bright sort of apple type note and then the warm base with the barest hint of flowers.

This fragrance is a very fresh, youthful fragrance.  I can't imagine anyone over the age of 30 being able to get away with it, maybe 35 if you don't mind not being taken seriously.  As the hero fragrance of a fashion house established in 1932 trying to undergo a major re-vamp and become modern, I'm not sure if this is a timeless enough, or sophisticated enough,scent.  I think that there could be a noir type version, with a bit more woods and spice to make it vaguely oriental and slightly more refined, but not too much.  A bit of sandalwood or amber would round the drydown out and give it a nice base as well.

I've been wearing this to work, and no one has said anything untoward about my general body odor.  So I think I'm in the clear.  I'm not going to lie.  I do like this fragrance, its not a staple by any means, but its a fun sort of flash in the pan kind of scent that breaks up the drudgery of a weekday.

Google Nina by Nina Ricci, there are retailers everywhere, and it qualifies as an ULTA tier 6 reward.


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