31 March 2011

High Street Beauty: Hard Candy Fox in a Box Bronzing Duo in Skinny Dipping

I'm not British (though I certainly am an anglophile), I like how they refer to Drugstore Makeup as "High Street" so I am adopting the slang.  It makes it sound less depressing, and more ritzy.

Speaking of a society with a highly organized upper crust system, oh how the mighty have fallen with Hard Candy.  However, despite the fall from High End Beauty, they manage to give a fresh face to the regular pickings at Wal-mart.  Fox in a Box is a $6 dollar cheap thrill.  It's as cheap (ie knockoff Benefit blush in a box packaging, with crookedly seated blush pan and lid that doesn't realize it should close flush) as it is thrilling (a potential MAC Stereo Rose MSF dupe!?!).  Overall Skinny Dipping is a soft, shimmery blush with a slightly muddy plum brown "bronzer" (bitch please this couldn't bronze a ghost) and super pretty, eye popping coral. When blended you get a coral shimmer blush, that probably wouldn't show true on deeper skin tones.  Overall, I quite like it, even if it doesn't close all the way.  On to the Cheek Pron!

Lid - It's cute in a Too Faced knock off kind of way

'Scuse my man thumb and chipped crackle-cure.  Skinny Dipping under daywhite fluorescent lighting conditions.

No flash - under daywhite fluorescent bulb.

I take photos on my iPhone and edit in Picasa.  Sometimes the focus blows, its not uniform so you get barrel distortion of the images.  However, I try.


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